Panasonic UG223

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Panasonic UG223


Panasonic, the perfect vacuum cleaner for carpets.

The Panasonic UG223 vacuum makes it easy to work on all types of carpets with its automatic height adjustment

  • The upright Panasonic MC-UG223 vacuum cleaner is perfect on carpets.
  • Automatic height adjustment makes it easy to work on all carpet lengths.
  • The hose and the tools on board will help you to clean moldings, furniture and mattresses.
  • The chrome handle as well as the rubberized handle will make the work comfortable.
  • The 30.5cm (12") wide suction base is ideal for bypassing furniture.
  • The light on the base makes it easy to see the dust on the ground.
  • Automatic locking in the upright position prevents the machine from falling, easy unlocking with the feet.
  • The 7.6 meter (25 ') long electric cable offers a pleasant range.
  • The Panasonic vacuum comes with a 1 years warranty.
Model : MC-UG223
Moteur : 1200 watts
Color : Green
Bag: U6 / U12
Filtration : H.E.P.A duster
Pounds : 16 Lbs / 7.26 Kg
Storage : Standing
Warranty : 1 years
Automatic cable rewind No
  • Slinky hose
  • Extension wand
  • Crevasse tool
  • Dusting tool


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